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The Mike Reese Pages

Recently I received an e-mail from Mike Reese ( ), in which he commented on the compatibility of vehicles. While I don't agree with several of his views, I feel that there are many people out there who do enjoy mixing scales far more than I do. In order to be as fair as I can, I suppose I need to expand my site a little. Anyway, here is the text of Mike's e-mail (all I have edited is the layout and caps), as well as the pictures he sent to support his comments.
Note that the views expressed in this section are thus Mike's views, not mine...
Mike also feels that the discussion on scale at Combat Zone Chronicles is relevant, but I disagree about the validity of the conclusions, in the main because the issue of bases is not addressed there- vehicles are left as is.

Look in the menu at the left to see Mike's additions to the listings and quickie-reviews.

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