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Wargame Links

Well, as almost every web-page I've ever seen has a links page, I think it's only reasonable to include my own. I've sorted them by categories of interest, but some will (obviously) overlap. Note that I have only put down my opinion of the goodies and service at the other end. Judge for yourself.

Simply click on a tab to see the content and click on a link to have the page open in a new window.

The links in this category are all related to wargaming in general, with a mixture of rules, miniatures and general information as well as chat.

   The top wargames site at present, especially after the departure of the UK-based Wargames Directory. Bill Armintrout has been around for a while, and has an impressive amount of information. A time-consuming site. This is a US-based site.
The Gentlemans' Wargame Parlour
 A bulletin-board wargames club. Membership is with approval only, although visitors can view large parts of the postings- members must prove that they are contributing to wargaming in general and the group in particular. Loads of incredible tutorials and eye-candy, and a goldmine of information.
 A bulletin-board "replacement" for the message boards at the sadly defunct Wargames Directory. A friendly, knowledgeable and, most importantly, chatty community of gamers who are a lot more laid-back than the TMP crowd.
 John Retzer's site. The information here is gleaned form a variety of sources, and the site is more of a link-library than anything else. Very useful, but definitely much more specialized than TMP. This is a US-based site.
 Hyunster's comparison and review site. He also does loads of 28mm figures, but specialises in sci-fi figures.
 A brilliant forum for figure painters and collectors, populated by loads of very skilled painters. Quite a few of my favourite sculptors hang out here too...
Read, discuss and vote for the latest gaming news!
The Guild  The Guild- a great wargames forum, with LOADS of great eye-cany by some seriously talented people.

These links in this category are all for manufacturers (and in some cases distributors) of the miniatures I own or have painted for customers in the past. After the name of the contact I have listed what I've bought or painted from their stock and can comment on.

 I'm relatively new to 1st Corps, but I will definitely buy from them again. I had a collection of Romans, and my most recent order was for a Samurai army. The figures have a nice feel to them, and really look the part. Speak to: Simon Curtey. (Romans and Samurai)
   These guys have bought out a lot of old, off- the- market ranges and allowed us to expand existing collections. They also produce their own figures, as well as distribute rules and other companies' figures. Cheap and cheerful... Speak to: Paul or Jonathan.
(Indians, Normans, 100 Years War, T'ang Chinese, Samurai, Guns'n'Girls, Sumo, miscellaneous animals, rules, bases)
   These are absolutely stunning 6mm figures. They are well-made and have incredible detail.  Speak to: Peter.
(War of the Spanish Succession Austrians)
   I was involved in the production of BAR. Other than the promotional Alexander and Darius figures that came with the rules, I've not seen any of the Ancient figures in the flesh. I have, however, got all the Normans, and reviewed them elsewhere on the site. Speak to: Jeff.
(BAR rules, promo figures and Normans)
   This is one of those rather strange companies that has a mixed collection. They have a decent selection, and although the figures are, in general, nice, there are some that have questionable poses. I also find that their Dark Ages horses are far too large, although the figures match Gripping Beast quite well. The Celts, in particular, are very nice, though.
(Germans, Normans, Saxons, Romans, Celts, Zulus, Boers)
   The best 28mm WW2 miniatures out there. The sculpting and poses are believable and real, and they have a growing catalogue. best of all- they listen to what the customer wants: they welcome suggestions. Speak to: Simon or Paul.
(The entire catalogue)
  This company pruduces a brilliant range of Normans, Spanish and Byzantines. The figures are well-designed (although some of the poses are a little awkward because the spears are horizontal - a personal dislike) and match Gripping Beast perfectly. Speak to: Mark.
(Normans, Spanish, Byzantines, WW2 Russians)
Andrew Lucas' company producing carry-cases for miniatures.
(Nothing as yet)
 Curteys Miniatures A newish company producing very nice Mongols and Sung Chinese, with promises of many more ranges to come. Speak to: Mick.
(Sung Chinese & Mongols)
   A new (to me, anyway) company producing resin bases and polyurethane scenery and accessories.
(Nothing as yet)
   Probably one of the best-know names in wargaming. Run by Bryan Ansell, with a back-catalogue rivalled by none. Sculptors of note include the Perry Twins, Copplestone, and many others.
(Medievals, WW2 German infantry)
   GB is probably the best-known major 28mm Dark Ages miniatures manufacturer. They set the standards for what we expect when they began producing miniatures. The figures are stunning and will match most other companies' ranges. Speak to: Darren or Andy.
(Normans, Spanish, Arabs, Crusaders, Byzantines, Vikings, Saxons, Romans, Celts)
   Hetzerdog Enterprises is also a relative newcomer. They are mainly a mail-order firm, but also have some of their own miniatures. Speak to: Ian.
(Babylon's Burning rules, promo figures and BB figures)
   A useful range of Samurai, which is steadily growing. Good selection, figures and service.
   These were the first figures I bought after moving to the UK. Although the earlier figures (particularly the Romans) are limited in poses, they are nice, robust figures, and paint up a treat. Speak to: Sean.
(Romans, Celts, Spanish, Normans, Saxons, Parthians)
    Old Glory Miniatures UK

     Old Glory Miniatures USA
 An absolutely huge selection of wargames figures in all scales. The 25mm figures come in packs of 30 foot or 10 cavalry, or in special quantities for specialist packs. Cheap and cheerful.
(Normans, Crusades Arabs, Saxons, Boxer Rebellion Germans, Boxer Rebellion Chinese)
 The Perry Twins are amongst the best-known names in wargaming. They have been involved in scupting and painting figures, designing rules and reenactment for a good many years. They are known for having sculpted most of Foundry's back- catalogue and a good part of the old Citadel range.  Speak to: Alan or Michael.
(Early Crusaders)
 Prince August is an Ireland-based company that sells the largest selection of toy moulds in the world. Their ranges include Napoleonic, Chess, Roman, Vikings, Nativity, Christmas Decorations, Prussian, British and many more. They also have a wide range of sci-fi and fantasy cast figures available, including Warzone Mutant Chronicles and Chronopia.
 Redoubt set the standard for ECW and ACW figures a long time ago- the figures have separate heads, allowing an incredible variety.
 Run by the ex-owners of Gripping Beast, they produce a lovely range of Dark Ages-inspired fantasy figures, as well as Macedonians, Indians, Persians, Greeks, Border Reivers and livestock.

This is where you'll find resources for free rules on the web, or sites that support commercially available rules.

Free Wargames Rules Probably the best site for free wargames rules on the web. It is regularly updated. It is run by another Pete Jones (not he of the Wargames Directory).
The home of Warhammer Ancient Battles.
A great site featuring the .45 Adventure rules, and a few extras and figures.
Unbridled Fury is the official website for the Unbridled Fury skirmish wargames rules. The site contains all of the official material for the game as well as some other freely downloadable rules from the Unbridled Fury series of games.
A great site featuring the Slammer rules, which are what I used to make my Noonday Sun rules. The Nicole's support the rules actively, and are really friendly guys.

A list of the best reference sites on the web.

The venerable and useful SoA site- with lots of links and (once they're back), scans of miniatures so you can see what you're getting. The figure scans here are one of the influences for this site. Brad Turner's camouflage fabric reference site. He has gone to immense amounts of trouble to ensure that the information displayed is as correct and up-to-date as possible.

This is where you'll find links to the sites of professional painting services, who also have galleries of 28mm figures.

Albion Miniatures Chris Thompson is a really good painter with a very neat style that looks a lot more layered and finely blended than the trend to very clear lines between everthing. Reasonable rates too!
(I hasten to point out that I haven't actually used his services yet, but have played in a game with his figures and was seriously impressed.)
Click here to join House-of-QueegClick to join House-of-Queeg Brent (The Great Queeg) has a brilliantly realistic style for painting his vehicles, and has kindly allowed me to use the images of items he's painted on my site.
Andrew Taylor Figure Painting Andrew Taylor figure painting provides a high quality painting service for both wargamers and collectors alike.
Conflict in Colour Mark has a relatively new painting service based in Sheffield. The images on his site look very nice. I've not dealth with him personally, so I can't comment any further.

This is where you'll find links to other sites, mainly clubs, that also have web-presences. Here are links to sites run by wargamers and painters who have extensive galleries of 28mm figures.

The Beachhead Stephen Bankhead's personal site with useful pulp and general gaming bits, as well as some very interesting family history.
The Exeter Wargames Group Club site in Exeter. Shows some of the developments I did for WAB in the 90's.
 Tony Barr's Blog  Tony Barr's personal site.
Agis' Page of Miniatures and Painting Agis has a neat section showing 28mm figures, and has even said some nice things about my SdKfz 250. Probably one of my favourite painters out there.
TW Figurines Tom Weiss' galleries and tutorials.
Shieldwall John Ward is a wargamer who has a fairly large gallery of painted figures supplied by many of the manufacturers I have listed. His interests overlap fairly closely with mine.
Perry's Heroes Olivier Perrony has a brilliant collection of 28mm figures from various manufacturers, and features loads of colour photos and paint guides.
FunkyG's Miniatures Stephen Gibbon is a painter who has a fairly large gallery of painted figures supplied by many of the manufacturers I have listed.
Hot Cross Bunny Simon has a neat, clean painting style that shows off the figures brilliantly. Apart from the historicals, he also has some great classic figures.
Baron Vega's Solo Wargaming Pages Some very useful info on Solo Wargaming.
Olaf's HQ Phil Robinson's site is also a good showcase of assorted ranges out there. I'm also rather partial to the name...
Court Jester's Wargames, Painting & odelling A brilliant website with excellent painting and modelling guides by some of the best pros on the web.

Other Scales.

This is where you'll find free online games. Hunt me up... if you dare!

I fly Blue Max under the name Immelmann... Anyone up for a challenge?
gamertalks A forum that has some pretty useful discussions about PC Games such as Unreal Tournament and similar. I found some good discussions about my favourite, Day of Defeat, here. If you fancy taking me on, look me up on the servers- I play as "Jochen Peiper's better@dying".

Of course, there are pages that simply consist of lists of links.

A pretty useful list of wargames-related links on one page. Some are familiar names, others are new.
Yet another useful list of wargames-related links on one page. Most are personal sites, so give a good insight into the hobby.
The Scale Model Net hobby store's list of links. A pretty good list.

Here are links to wargaming traders (i.e. shops), either purely figures and vehicles, or other useful items.

This is a Polish online shop dealing in card-construction military models. I have unfortunately never built any of their kits, or dealt with these guys, so I can't comment on their service.
Iain Hicken's online shop, based in Wiltshire. The Hobby Box has been running for over 3 years now both on-line and at a large number of Wargames shows around the UK including the likes of Salute, Colours and Triples. As I have purchased from them in the past, I can certainly attest to good, friendly service, even when I'm being difficult by trying to order stuff in non-standard ways.

This section contains links to militaria traders (i.e. shops), who sell items of WW2 (or other periods') apparel or equipment.

Jim (Jerry Lee?) runs an online militaria shop with a fairly expansive selection of goodies covering many periods. As I haven't bought anything from them, I can't comment on their itmes or service, but the prices seem fair, and the selection is (to my eye) pretty impressive.

nothing here yet...