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Welcome to the Mainly 28s... free rules section

This section contains a number of free rule-sets for several periods. The original rules (in a zipped archive) can be downloaded at the bottom of each individual page. If you have a set of rules you'd like hosted here, feel free to contact me.

Early Medieval (AD1200 - AD1400)

 Free Company (still needs re-formatting)   Anthony Clipsom

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Colonial (AD1880-AD1910)

 (In the) Noonday Sun (still needs re-formatting)   A devlopment of Slammer (Olaf Meys)

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Early 20th Century (AD1910-AD1950)

 Landser   Originally as a free download at Icon (Nick Eyre)

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Fantasy (anything involving magic)

 Prince August Rules (still needs re-formatting)   Free handout from Prince August Moulds (Unkown)
 The Rules According to Ral (still needs re-formatting)   Free handout from Ral Partha? (Unknown)

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