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The Mainly 28s... non-wargames-related items review section

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This section links to all the various non-wargame-related items I've puchased, borrowed or handled in some form or other. I will be more than happy to accept items sent for review, and will continue to give reasonably unbiased, fair reviews.
Note that I revise the reviews periodically, so my original reviews may occasionally change...

I should also point out that, as I do everything myself (from the web-design to the reviews, painting and photography), it may occasionally take a while for me to get back to a specific review.

Books - Fiction

  Simon Haynes  Hal Spacejock; (Sci-Fi)
  David Feintuch  The Seafort Saga; (Sci-Fi)
  Chris Bunch  The Dragonmaster Trilogy; (Fantasy)

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Books - Non-fiction


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Movies - Big Screen and DVD


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