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Author: Chris Bunch
Web site:
Books Available: The Dragonmaster Trilogy
Initial Impression: I got this book because I thoroughly enjoyed Chris' other series, the Seer King Trilogy. This is, in a way, even better.
Cost:Au $16.95.

Alexander the Great Supplement
As Delivered

Long Review: This series, which I got as an anthology containing all three books in one cover, is fairly formulaic, in that the main protagonist, Hal Kailas, starts out as a nobody and rises to previously unimaginable heights, eventually becoming the Dragonmaster and hob-nobbing with the King. Of course, there is a lot more to it than that.

   The story? It follows Hal Kailas from leaving home, and, as we travel with him, we learn about the world he lives in. The Kingdom of Deraine, where he lives, appears to be a typical fantasy setting, with magic, dragons and typical social divisions. After some initial adventures, during which Hal learns to ride dragons, Deraine and a neighbouring Kingdom (Sagene) become involved in a war against another neighbouring kingdom, Roche, who have embarked on an agressive war of expansion.
   Hal initially begins as an infantryman, then graduates to a light cavalry unit. After some adventures there, he volunteers for a dragon-rider unit and, through a mixture of skill and luck, rises to ever-higher ranks.
Readability: An fun read, very engrossing
Sources: A gift from my wife.
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