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The 3rd e-mail contribution


I sent you a fairly large number of large .jpg pictures of a 1/48 251/1 model D done by NZWM in 3 stages of assembly.
The above link will take you to almost 900 photos on FLICKR from various games.
This email has:

  1. 1. Picture of 1/56 BMP-2 designed by Tony of NZWM and sold by ?;
  2. 2. Picture of 1/56 BMD-1 designed by Tony of NZWM and sold by ?; and
  3. 3. Part 3 of the scale controversy.
This time I was looking for drivers for the 251/1D and pulled out:
Enjoy, and if you have questions let me know.
Recent games are on the referenced web site.

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