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The 1st e-mail contribution

Missed a few I think.

SOLIDO scale
Soft Skins is 1/43
Armor is 1/50.
All metal and come painted. Usually require detailing or some conversion. Examples - repaint may be needed. Decals should be replaced. Tracks require "mud" be added.

Two Mark IV tanks. Tank w/o side skirts is a repainted SOLIDO 1/50 Mark IV/G. The model with the side skirts is a Bandai Mark IV/H kit. The new TAMIYA Mark IV/J is a similar model except it has a metal lower hull.

A 251/7 and a 251/1. Solido makes two 251 half-tracks. A 251/7 which has been repainted but otherwise not modified in the attached picture and a 251/20. The 251/1 below is made from that model by removing the search-light and repainting and adding new decals, etc.

Solido M4 and Tiger.


Another plastic kit company.Nashorn 1/48 assembled model kit.

Approximately 1/50

CORGI Churchill III out of the box (blue marker on top rear).

You left out ACADEMY which current is doing modern armor but did do WW2 armor. The models available were a Tiger 2, a Jagdtiger, a Panther and a Jagdpanther. These are motorized kits and are relatively simple. However, the tracks have to be replaced.

An ACADEMY Tiger II behind a repainted SOLIDO Tiger I. The Tiger 2 has had its tracks replaced with resin tracks. The Tiger I has been completely repainted as the original vehicle was in panzer dark gray with metallic aluminum tracks.

A Corgi Centaur.

A Corgi Cromwell and Centaur.

A Solido M4 and a Corgi Cromwell.

A Corgi Cromwell and a Solido Tiger.

Academy model assembled with redone tracks.

Corgi Kuebelwagen, AFAD SdKfz 11, Verem M3, Solido SdKfz 251.

This company makes modification kits for the Tamiya models (Tiger I to a Sturm Tiger for example) and complete models as well.

This is a picture of a GASO-LINE Char B1 bis. Scale is 1/48. They have over 200 kits available and as long as you don't purchase them assembled and painted, the prices are comparable to the resin 1/56 models.

GASO-LINE/Solido Kangaroo conversion (Solido Sherman suspension & lower hull, GASO-LINE upper hull and interior.)

A GASO-LINE modification kit showing the SOLIDO 251/7 or /20 bottom hull, wheels, and suspension. In front of that is the SOLIDO 251 lower hull with the resin 251/9 upper hull assembled and attached (by screws). This also converts the SOLIDO model B 251 to a model C which had the armor protrusion over the engine access doors which could now be left open for cooling without danger of bullets coming in and taking out the engine.

Gaso-Line "Mörser Karl". Gaso-Line has several large 1/48 models available including the E-100, Maus, this SP mortar and a German armored train.

Gaso-Line quad 50 model to convert (roughly) a SOLIDO US half-track to a M16 AAHMG half-track (the seating and ammunition storage are, of course, wrong). The other weapon is a 1/48 Flak 38 German 20mm anti-aircraft gun.

250/1 model. Metal kit which doesn't go together well. Their guns (Soviet 57mm, German Pak 40 or IG 18, etc.) go together well but the metal SdKfz 250 I purchased was a bear to assemble. Also, BTD has released a line of resin AFV which I haven't reviewed.

The finished kit. It took a lot of filling to get the joint between the upper armor and lower armor to look half-way decent, and I painted it as a rusted weld line.

HONORABLE BOILER PLATE French FT-17 armed with a light machinegun. This model came out much better then the pieces looked, plus by drilling holes in the top of the hull you can use the gun turret and command/radio compartment that comes with the mg turret by swapping them for the turret shown. Nice little model, and it is small.

AFAD early Tiger I. This is a rough casting. The turret took some work to get it to fit and the casting is rough. Very rough. The mud on the side skirts and in the suspension isn't added by me, it is part of the casting. I tend to do some drilling and cleaning of the suspension as well as squaring off the hull and one piece track/suspension parts to get a fit, then fill the gaps in from the bottom using a commercial silicone sealant. However, this model does make a good Heavy Tank Battalion 502 Tiger I near Leningrad in Dec 42.

This is an AFAD StuG IIIG shot from the top. The vehicle has been inked, had an LMG and shield added and has the same junk in the tracks as the Tiger.

This shows the same StuG IIIG with a BTD 28mm US Paratrooper. You can see the 'mud' in the suspension. However, this is a much better quality casting.

This is the AFAD SdKfz 234 "Puma".

The "Puma" again, here with a BTD 28mm US Paratrooper again.

SdKfz 11 Half-track.

Horch troop carrier.

AFAD Carrier and CORGI Kuebelwagen.
This is the AFAD Pak 40.


A BATTLE HONORS 1/48 Sherman Firefly kit, before any clean-up. Please note the hull LMG position which doesn't exist on a Firefly. The MG is removed and the hole plated over. The space the hull machinegunner took is replaced by 17 pdr ammunition storage and the crew drops from 5 to 4. I believe BH USA inherited these from BH United Kingdom.

1/48 BATTLE HONORS French 75mm shown behind a Crusader 25mm French gun and crew.

This shows 28mm figures with a 1/48 75mm French Field Gun and crew vs. the West Wind 1/60 105mm US M2 howitzer and US Vietnam war crew. The standing WW figures are the same size as the standing BH 28mm figures, while the kneeling BH figures are the same size as the kneeling Crusader figures, so the figures are all the same size. Doesn't the 105mm look a bit small?

Battle Honors Tank Hunter with a 75L70 gun.

Battle Honors StuGIIIG with a new plastic mantlet and metal 105mm FH w/o muzzle brake, and two BH crewmen.

Battle Honors assault gun with 75L48 gun and zimmerit.

Two Dingo scout cars - on the left a Battle Honors and on the right an AFAD model with an Artisan British 28mm



Soviet Die-Cast

Above is the box and die-cast model of a Soviet 100mm anti-tank gun. Known other models available are trucks, 76.2mm ZIS-3 Field Gun, BRDM-2, BTR-60PB, Flak 38 ground mount and Flak 38 on trailer, etc. Scale is nominally 1/43 but a 1/48 figure fits the Flak mount seat just fine, and I have a 1/48 BTR-70 kit that matches the BTR-60PB in size. These toys are all from the Soviet Union.

1/43 and 1/60

A 1/43 current pick-up truck in the background, a bit weathered by me, for use as a TECHNICAL. In front of it the "RODEO" is the TAG 1/60 scale pick-up truck for their TECHNICAL.

Tamiya has just announced the release of a British European Infantry Squad and tank crew; Cromwell VII tank, SU-122 SPH, SGIII/G, and Mark III/L in 1/48 to go along with their current line of: Tiger I (early), SGIIIB, M4 Sherman, M4A1 Sherman, M10 GMC, Mark IV/J, Citroen Staff Car, Panther G, Jagdpanther (late), Universal Carrier, US Infantry Squad & Tankers, German Infantry Squad & Tankers; German Panzer Grenadier Squad & Tankers, Russian Infantry Squad & Tankers, Kubelwagen, Schwimmenwagen, T34/76 Model 1941, Kettenkrad & Goliath & 2 trailers.


Verem M3 Scout Car and Kuebelwagen.jpg

Black Tree Designs

BTD Pak 40.


1940s truck redone.

Regarding 1/60 and 1/56 vs. 1/43-1/50 scale.

Top vehicle is a BTD Kubelwagon with BTD driver and front passenger and 2 West Wind infantrymen in the back (with a 1/48 scale Bandai panzerfaust). The middle Kubelwagon is by West Wind with a Battle Honor German officer sitting on it. He is from the bottom Kubelwagon by Battle Honors. Its crew are all West Wind with the LMG gunner in the back from the West Wind 251 crew set. The BTD KW is 1/48. The WW KW is 1/60. The BH KW is 1/48. BH ended up increasing the length of the vehicle by making the rear compartment longer in order to fit their officer. BTD and BH figures fit the BTD KW fine. On the other hand, the WW 1/60 KW and figures fit perfect BUT the vehicle figures are closer to 20mm then 25mm and much smaller then the normal WW WW2 infantry figures. They are a little small for 1/43 vehicles but fit the 1/48 fine. By the way, a 1/48 Tamiya KW and 1/48 Bandai schwimmenwagon are exactly the same size as the BTD KW.

Vehicle w/o wire cutter is a 1/43 Solido jeep. The one with the cutter is a BTD 1/48 jeep. The crews for both are WW figures from their jeep crews.

This picture consists of 5 28mm and 1 1/48 figure, labeled by manufacturer.

This is the CORGI Panther with 28mm and one 1/48 figure. These are the same figures as above.

Mike has also offered to send pictures of: CORGI, BATTLE HONORS, SUN STAR, VEREM Plus 1/43 soft-skins including some nice 1940 pick-up trucks, etc.

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