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MINIATURE BUILDING AUTHORITY 25mm Medieval/European line, or actually part of it. Roofs come off and there are floors which are also removable for the 2nd and higher floors. These are cast Resin and fairly heavy. They come fully painted on the outside. The interiors are painted black. There are several lines available. Hard roads are from one which carries Christmas villages, cut down from 6" wide to 5" wide. The stone walls are GW (ruined one), MBA (the large gate), and resin wall behind the Church at HISTORICON. The iron fence is from PLASTICVILLE in 00 scale. The small deciduous trees are WOODLAND SCENICS. The pine trees are repainted Christmas Trees. The round bases with brush or a tree mounted on them are CD's. The hedges along the dirt (felt) road are home made from blue/green furnace filters sprayed forest green with a RUSTOLEUM can of Camouflage Forest Green paint, then covered with WOODLAND SCENICS grass. They are mounted on plastic bases. The pink stuff on the floor to the right is the hard foam insulation used to make hills like the small one next to the road with a little brush on it.

MINIATURE BUILDING AUTHORITY also makes many of the above buildings from their 25mm set in 15mm which are two piece. Removing the top piece gives you a "ruined" building. They also have these in their MID-EAST line shown above, in 25mm and 15mm. These are 25mm. The two buildings on the right connected by the large stone wall are MBA. The smaller two buildings are from an English company MONOLITH Design. More fence, this time my "ruined" one. The large crack around the lower part of the 2nd floor of the building in the lower right is where the top part separates, leaving only the bottom floor. A few MBA buildings also have interiors (MBA Mill does).
The figures above are a mixture of TAG "Brother vs. Brother" Afghans and Mongrel Miniatures Iraqi infantry.

Above is a resin HUDSON & ALLEN STUDIOS "Medieval Town" painted by me. This is all one piece resin. A few of the pieces have removable roofs but most are one solid piece. However, the molds are being redone and the new ones may have removable roofs or floors. These dry brush beautifully.

Finally, some scenery from BARB's Bunker. This is just a field, which is made from resin and can be purchased as shown, and, I believe unpainted. BB has some very nice items like this plus a range of buildings. BB buildings include full interiors and removable roofs and floors.

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