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You may have seen the following message on the 28mm WWII Discussion group on TMP? Tony did a 251/1 D model (and 251/10 D as well).
On August 16 Tony from NZWM made the proposition to do more 1/48th scale vehicles with "Quality and detail as always will be similar to a good quality kitset with nice metals that don't break so easily and for a price around 20GBP or US$40ea"
NZWM put out a limited addition of a 1/48 251/1D, the only version of that vehicle I am aware of. I have added the first pictures of my first two of 3 251/1D I did.
The NZWM 251/1D models were excellent with the resin and metal both crisply done with little flash and almost no holes in the resin. Parts fit like a good plastic model kit.
This vehicle nicely matches the SOLIDO 251/1B die cast vehicle they make (251/7B & 251/20B).
Mike Reese
P.S. please check out my Flickr web site for more 1/43-1/48 gaming pictures.

1:48th SdKfz 251/1D by NZWM
Pictures of the model assembled in primer, with comments on the picture.

Pictures of the model after assembly and camouflage application. Again with comments.

Pictures of the model with German BTD figures with decals and weathering.

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