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The Modern/Cold War (1975-1995)
Figure Availability

This is the next step in the Big Figure Comparison series- a period loosely called Moderns, which I am taking as from the end of the conflict in Vietnam up until 1995. I will be adding more detail to this section as it grows- although I had very little interest in the period at first, I finally realised that the figures are just that- figures.

The system I have used to describe the figures (besides the actual scan), is the "Barrett Measuring System" or "Barrett Scale", which was the brainchild of Dick Bryant, editor of the Courier.
Simply stated, the Barrett Scale measures a figure from the bottom of the foot to the eyes. The stand itself is omitted in the measurement. However, an overly thick stand should be noted in the review. The eye level was chosen because it was impossible to establish the top of the head of many figures due to the fact that so many different caps, helmets, and headdresses obscure the top of the head. This measurement (in millimetres) can best be derived by choosing a figure standing reasonably tall and straight versus bending over. Anyone, anywhere can do this and report it in their reviews.
A second - and more abstract - value is assigned to the figure's heft; light - L, medium - M, or heavy - H, which only describes how thin or chunky the figure appears (these codes basically match what is used in describing a man's build, light, medium or heavy). Thus, a 26H rating means the figure is 26 millimetres in height from bottom of the foot to the level of the eyeballs, and is relatively a thick casting when compared to most figures - 25L means 25 millimetres and a light or thin casting - and so on. As you can tell, the heftiness rating is a slightly more arbitrarily derived measure.

Below are listed, in alphabetical order, by category, all of the figure manufacturers who manufacture figures suitable for the 1975-1995 period I was able to locate after a search of the web.
The samples in this section so far have all been donated by the various manufacturers (OK, two so far), and if you wish to see a specific product added here, feel free to let the relevant manufacturer contact me- I'll happily add my reviews and scans provided the samples are sent over.
If you want a more detailed, in-depth review of anything, or contact details for a company, simply click on the pictures of that manufacturer to reach a review dedicated to that specific range.

If you know of a manufacturer I've missed (or ARE a manufacturer I've missed!), feel free to let me know (or send samples and details) and I can add the relevant info...
Of course, I guess I needn't say that any contributions of sample figures would be appreciated, and I'd prefer to have at least three different figures (one to keep as "as delivered", one for "cleaned and based" and one to paint for the last category.

If you have any samples you'd like to donate, feel free to send an email to:

Have a look at this Visual Comparison, showing the figures in bare metal, as they were delivered. Because the figures are displayed at identical size and resolution and in near-life size, you can get a pretty good idea of what ranges work together.

  1. Black Scorpion Miniatures
  2. United Kingdom

    Range Available Modern US, Iraqui militia.
    As delivered Cleaned and based Painted

    Barrett Scale: 29½ M

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  3. Brooks Miniatures
  4. United Kingdom

    Range Available Modern British, Taliban/Northern Alliance, GenForce (generic Soviet-supplied and equipped troops), SAS and Counter-Terrorist troops.
    As delivered Cleaned and based Painted

    Barrett Scale: 25½ M

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  5. Devil Dog Designs
  6. United Kingdom

    Range Available Dogs of War rules, US Marines, US Rangers, Delta Force, several single personality figures, British Marines, Iraqis, Germans, Soviets, Canadians, Taliban, Al Qaeda and Somalis.
    As delivered Cleaned and based Painted

    Barrett Scale: 30 M

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  7. Mongrel Miniatures
  8. United Kingdom

    Range Available Soviets, N.A.T.O., Mujahideen, Afghan Army (DRA), East Germans and Israeli Defence Force.
    As delivered Cleaned and based Painted

    Barrett Scale: 26½ M

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