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Brooks Miniatures

United Kingdom

Modern British foot
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 25½M.
Mixes best with: Mongrel Miniatures.
Long Review: Since I'm new to Moderns, I'll confine my comments to the actual figures. I will, however return to this review once I've studied up on the kit worn and carried!
The figures I received are: 3 British troops- one standing firing his LSW, one standing with his GPMG held Rambo-style, and one kneeling firing his SA80; 2 SAS- the first ready for normal warfare, with Bergan backpack (this one comes with a loose backpack and a seperate head with a beret), and one CT in the Weaver stance, with a seperate sledge-hammer and a flash bang; 2 Taliban- one with an RPG, the other with an SKS; 1 GenForce standing with AK and wide brim helmet (also a seperate head).
From what I can tell, the kit looks pretty convincing (more on this once I've checked references and begun the paint-job). I do find the poses good, although the two advancing figures look a tiny little bit off-balance. The overall quality is not bad, although there are one or two areas where detail is a little soft, the overall effect is great. From experience with his ancients, these figures of Sean's should paint up quite well.
Commentary: Very nice indeed- and smaller than the DDD figures I've handled. However, since I'm used to this average size and style, I think I may prefer these to the DDD purely based on the size issue.
Historical Accuracy: Four Good.
Pose Quality: Four Average.
Sculpting: Four Average.
Casting: Four Average. There is a little mould slippage and some cleaning, but not excessively so.
Sources: Samples from Brooks Miniatures donated by Glen.
Sculptors: Sean Pereira.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Modern British, as delivered

Modern British SAS, as delivered

Genforce, as delivered

Taliban, as delivered

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