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Review Glossary

Company Background: A quick couple of sentences about the company- big/small, easy to deal with or difficult. Note that this is a very subjective field- different customers may well experience different attitudes.
Web site: A clickable link to the company's website.
Range Available: A quick summary of what's available from this company.
Sold as: Individual items or packs?
Cost per item: Will be given in the currency of the company's home country, or their preferred currency.
Initial Impression: A one- or two-line impression immediately upon seeing the product for the first time.

An image of the item as delivered- no cleaning or anything.

As Delivered

An image of the item once it has been cleaned and based, quite often undercoated too.

Cleaned and Based

An image of the item after painting and completion.


Barrett Scale: The Barrett Scale measurement of the figures in question- measured from the bottom of the foot too eye-level, alongside an impression of the average build of the figures (L, M or H)
Mixes best with: A short list of best-compatible ranges.
Long Review: The main body of the review gives a full commentary on the item(s) being reviewed. This can pretty much include anything the reviewer wants to include, but will primarily be concerned with the good and/or bad points as well as the general impression the item(s) give on closer inspection. When compiling a review, most or all of the following points are taken into account:
  • General impression of the set;
  • Accuracy of uniform and equipment or vehicle according to easily accesible references;
  • The level of detail supplied;
  • The standard of sculpting;
  • The amount of flash and/or mould imperfections and/or resin casting problems causing difficulty in assembly and/or painting;
  • Suitability of poses for the subject;
  • Anatomical accuracy (i.e. how possible is the pose);
  • In a multi-pack of figures, the number and variety of poses
  • In a vehicle, the ease/difficulty of assembly due to fit and number of parts
Commentary: A quick closing statement, usually referring to the relative price/standard/usefulness of the item.
Historical Accuracy: A rating on a scale of 1 to 6, One; Two; Three; Four; Five; Six based on easily accessible references. Is the item accurate to scale and drawings, and (to a lesser degree) photographs?
Pose Quality: A rating on a scale of 1 to 6, looking at the plausibility of the poses ("Can a man hold a rifle like that?" or "Will he be able to fire his SMG like that?" are the sort of questions that spring to mind). This is fairly subjective, although a background handling and firing assorted weapons does help.
Sculpting: A rating on a scale of 1 to 6, looking at the crispness of the sculpting.
Casting: A rating on a scale of 1 to 6, examining the quality of the casting- are there bubbles, flash or voids in it?
Sources: How did the item come into the reviewer's possession? If it was paid for, the reviews may occasionally be a little more biased, as the reviewer may have a personal interest in this particular item.
Sculptors: The name of the sculptor for this item or range.
Other reviews for this company: If there are active links here, they lead to other reviews of items distributed byu this company.

Assorted additional images of the figures

More images of the items in question, usually being a mixture of images showing the item as delivered, while undercoated and assembled and as it appears when finished.

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