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Mongrel Miniatures

United Kingdom

NVA foot
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 26½M.
Mixes best with: Brooks Miniatures.
Long Review: Since I'm still new to Moderns, I'll confine my comments to the actual figures. I promise that I will, however return to this review once I've studied up on the kit worn and carried!
The DDR troops are advancing, directed on by the officer reading his map. All are wearing the standard East German cold war uniform with the correct helmet, a development of the wartime German helmet that was rejected by Hitler. These look a little add to me- almost as if they are a little too shallow, but other than that I can't fault the figures.
Commentary: Since I started the Moderns pages, I'm starting to look at Modern figures with different eyes. These are another chapter in my education- more gorgeous figures. Best of all- they will mix well with Brooks Miniatures, so you have a really large selection available.
Historical Accuracy: Five Good.
Pose Quality: Four Average.
Sculpting: Four Good.
Casting: Four Average.
Sources: Samples from Mongrel Miniatures donated by Frank Hammond.
Sculptors: Andy Dormer and Paul Hicks.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

NVA, as delivered

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