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Cold War Miniatures

United Kingdom

Zombie, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 27L.
Mixes best with: Pretty much any range, as the figures are all unarmed (i.e. no weapons to make the scale differences stand out), although their "L" build may make them look a tiny bit scrawny
Long Review: I bought this specific set to add to my growing horde of zombies for pulp WW2. As hospital-based clothing has remained pretty generic since the '30s, these will work for most of the 20th century- a prime factor for me when considering purchases, as I'm not really that interested in post-1945 conflicts.
The five figures in this set come with seperately-cast metal bases (each the size of a 1p coin) with different surfaces. Each comes with a hole for a corresponding peg on the zombie's foot.
The five figures consist of a doctor (now late) and his nurse, a patient with a drip and stand, and one with a crutch, as well as an autopsied corpse. The doctor and norse are still dressed in their working clothes, while the patients are wearing an operating gown and a dressing gown respectively. The poor autopsied corpse isn't wearing anything but an expression of hunger!
Commentary: Really useful figures. My favourite is probably the patient with the crutch- as if he hasn't got enough to worry about already....
Historical Accuracy: Four Average.
Pose Quality: Four Average.
Sculpting: Four Average. A little rough, but serviceable.
Casting: Four Average.
Sources: Items purchased for own collection.
Sculptors: Unknown.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Zombies, as delivered

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