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Irregular Miniatures

United Kingdom

Modern Insurgent, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 26M
Mixes best with: Still working on that, although they should be easily compatible with many of the other ranges (particularly the Mongrel Minis ranges).
Long Review: Ian certainly ranks with the best of them in terms of how prolific he is, as well as in how many periods he covers. This is the second range of sci-fi figures for Irregular, and very impressive they are too. While they are not as polished as some other ranges out there, the figures are very versatile, as the uniforms and equipment are fairly non-specific, so do not tie in to any specific canon. They can as easily be used for approximately contemporary sci-fi as they can be for low tech troops in a more advanced milieu.
The overall standard is pretty decent, as there is no obvious shortcoming on the samples I received. there is the odd bit of flash, but this is no problem. The main bonus is, in fact, their very "blandness", as they can be worked on to suit just about any preference. The price also means that you can build up a pretty respectable force for a reasonable outlay (in fact, these figures cost just over half of what most historicals would cost!)
All of the figures share a common uniform- battle-dress trousers with pockets on both thighs, combat boots and padded armour/sectioned flak jacket-type armour for the torso, topped by a visored helmet. The weapons and poses (yes, they are a touch stiff, but remember the price!) are what distinguish the categories. The weapons are generic in the sense that they resemble contemporary firearms (well, OK, the rocket launcher doesn't), but are not exactly like these.
SFB1 Counter-insect squad machine gunner advancing and his companion SFB2 Counter-insect squad machine gunner firing are armed with weapons resembling an M-16, and would make the bulk of a unit.
SFB3 Counter-insect squad with rocket launcher, firing has a hopper-fed rocket launcher (maybe enough ammo for five shots?) on his shoulder in a firing pose. The weapon is not modelled on any weapon I'm familiar with, but it looks purposeful enough to suit.
SFB4 Counter-insect squad with flame thrower has an apron, thick gloves and a much larger visor on his helmet in addition to the fuel tanks on his back.
SFB5 Counter-insect squad sniper, firing is looking through the telescope of his long-barreled rifle.
SFB6 Counter-insect squad officer is wearing a uniform similar to his troops, but with the addition of a long trench-coat, and a pistol instead of a rifle. He appears to be telling the troops to halt.
SFB7 Cyber attack-dog is a canine squad member, with a harness and a couple of tubular items hanging off it. The pose is nice, but the dog is a little too "generic" as he doesn't really look like a specific breed of dog. Of course, he is a cyber-dog, so my comment is not strictly valid.
SFB8 Scorpio-Bug is another of those useful all-round items- a monster that could be used anywhere. This particular horror is a mish-mash of bits- the legs and underside look almost like those of a goat, while the torso has a distinct scorpion-like look to it, along with a scorpion's stinger. I wonder how many variants this has? I think a horde of these would be a "fun" threat to the counter-insect squad.
SFB10 Male Zombie- part of a series of three figures (possibly made "undead" by the bug?) this figure will be suitable for any period from about 1850 onwards, as the clothing is indistinct enough that it can be painted to match almost anything. This is a positive rather than a negative point- it means one figure series can be used for a lot more than just a sci-fi game.
Commentary: At an average of £0.60 each, they are well below market average in cost, but above market average in terms of usefulness. They are ideal for a gamer on a budget. The non-specific nature of the squaddies and bug mean that they can be slotted into almost every background there is.
The zombie is, to me, the most useful figure here- he can be used for just about any period from 1850-ish onwards, and, if there are a few variants, be re-used within a unit without too much obvious repetition.
Historical Accuracy: FourAs they are sci-fi, historical accuracy is not important.
Pose Quality: FourPossibly a tad stiff, but if these are similar to all the other Irregular offerings, they will provide a nice bunch of individuals within each code.
Sculpting: FourAverage. Again, in standard Irregular style there are some rough areas, but at the price I think we can easily live with that.
Casting: FourAverage. There is a little flash here and there on some of the figures, but at the price, there is nothing to complain about.
Sources: Samples donated by Ian Kay.
Sculptors: Ian Kay.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Top left to right, SFB5, SFB3, SFB1
Bottom left to right SFB4 SFB2 SFB6

Left to right, SFB7, SFB8


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