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Darkson Designs


Alternate WW2 German, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 99X.
Mixes best with: Hmmmmmmm.
Long Review: I was very surprised by the rapid arrival and quality of the review sample. The figures are well thought out, and the poses are anatomically feasible, although one is a little "uncomfortable". The various limbs are all in scale, and the kit looks like a progression of WW2 kit in many cases. I really like the concept of multi-part figures in this genre, because it allows for more variety, as well as the fact that we can supply our own weapons.
The figures come split at the "natural" junctions- loose arms, head and torso/legs. The various smaller bits (weapons, arms and heads) are still attached to a sprue at a commendably thin point, and the mould lines and casting vents are minimal.
Commentary: Nice figures, nice concept. The seperate weapons are a brilliant idea, because we can add our own weapons if we have different ideas, or to bulk them out with conventional WW2 weapons.
Historical Accuracy: Four Average.
Pose Quality: Five Good.
Sculpting: Four Good
Casting: Four Average.
Sources: 1 sample pack sent on request.
Sculptors: Unknown.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Alternate WW2 Germans, as delivered

This pack is:
German Troopers
3 figure pack $12.99

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