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Hetzerdog Designs

United Kingdom

Battlestandard Ancients Rules
As Delivered

Long Review: Firstly, I must admit that I am not totally unbiased regarding this product. I was asked to paint several of the figures for the website, and I'm engaged in another project for Hetzerdog Enterprises. Having cleared that up, I believe I can be reasonably objective in my review of these rules and their presentation.
First impressions. The game comes in a DVD box, the same as most PC games. The multicolour illustration is exactly the same as the advert for the game. On the CD inside the box is a PDF file for the rules; as well as two install files for Adobe Acrobat Reader, one for PCs and one for Macs.
I spent a few days reading through the rules after I printed them out. The first thing to strike me was the very well produced and laid out format. The book begins with a few pages of fluff, descriptions of the world in which this game takes place. Babylon's Burning takes place in about 20 years' time, after a series of meteor strikes devastate the world as we know it. What is left is a Mad Max-like world where various factions battle for survival.
The rules are framed by an engrossing piece of fiction, told from the point of view of a young girl who lives through an intense number of adventures which show how the various factions of this grim future interact.
The rules themselves are well-thought out, and logically laid out. There are plenty of examples interpersed in the text, and the last part of the book contains sections for designing your gangs. The combating factions consist of, among others Enclave, Gangers, Mobsters, Culties, Scavvies and Mercs. All of these various groups are trying to make a living in the ruins, and there are various combinations of alliances possible.
The game is reminiscent of Necromunda in some ways, specifically in that the world is grim and bleak, mainly ruined. The gangs are usually made of about 12-20 members, although more are of course possible (and in some cases desirable!).
The best point of the rules is simply the fact that they are generic in their outlook- they are intended for use with any figures on the market, so they are not bound to a specific company's miniatures. This is a bonus, because you can use any figures you want, unlike some systems that insist on the sole use of "official" figures.
The only downside to the rules I can see is that they are a tad more complicated than I would have liked, and that quite a few modifiers must be taken into account when performing combat actions.

Period:       Post-apocalyptic Modern.
Scale:        25mm, although 15mm is possible with modifications.
Basing:      Individual.
Contents:   CD containing pdf documents.
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Sample sent for review as part "thank-you" for painting the figures.
Designer: Hetzerdog Enterprises.
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