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Hasslefree Miniatures

United Kingdom

Skeleton, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 28M.
Mixes best with: That's a hard one. As each figure is an individual, and a character to boot, it is difficult to find a range they won't fit in with.
Long Review: I needed a present for my brother-in-law in a hurry. As he's still into his role-playing, I figured that his favourite character would be a good choice. Hasslefree Miniatures have a very nice barbarian, Wolf, with a huge two-handed sword- almost as if made to order. I placed an order, and, since I didn't want to buy just one figure (OK, I wanted to have some of the other items too), I added a few other figures (Tiriel, a fully armoured female fighter, a minstrel and Alyx, a girl with attitude!). I was rather pleased to receive a harem girl. Not sure where I'll be using her yet, but she's lovely.
Anyway, the figures arrived well within the specified delivery time (apparently there had been a little delay at the caster's, so some free figures were added to some deliveries), sealed in individual poly bags, inside a bubblewrap jiffy envelope. Absolutely no chance of damage unless the Post Office decides to really rough up the parcel! The figures themselves come with (in some cases) extra bits, and all have a round slotted plastic base. The amount of flash and mould lines is well within acceptable limits (almost no flash or lines, just a few little vents to allow the casting of really fine details like pointing fingers) which are easily removed.
Wolf, the barbarian, comes with a choice of three heads, and has the sword and one arm as seperate pieces. He is an absolutely stunning figure, frozen at the end of a two-handed swing of the sword, looking at the area he's just slashed. Beautiully poised, he is extremely well-muscled, and wearing nothing but a loincloth, a neck-chain and his boots.
Dynamic Tiriel, the female knight, has the sword and right arm as a seperate piece. She is fully armoured (except for a helmet), and is the perfect example of a female paladin- deep in concentration in mid-swing.
The harem-girl is a single-piece casting, reclining against a pile of cushions. She is completely nude, and possibly a little too well-endowed for my personal tastes, but maybe my El Cid-era Moorish chieftain would like her...
The minstrel is a single-piece casting, suitable for any fantasy setting.
Commentary: Kev's sculpting style is very neat and clean, and allows the painter the maximum flexibility. There is no over-done detail, and the figures are full of character and have excellent body-language.
Historical Accuracy: Four Good (OK, so how historical can a fantasy figure really be?).
Pose Quality: Four Good.
Sculpting: Five Clean, useful sculpts. The female figures are definitely much more natural than the stereotyped ones we always see.
Casting: Five Very good. There are very few bits of metal to be cleaned off, and the mould lines are quite understated.
Sources: Items purchased for own collection.
Sculptors: Kev White.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Wolf (partial), as delivered Dynamic Tiriel, as delivered Harem Girl, as delivered Minstrel, as delivered

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