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John Jenkins Designs

Hong Kong

Orc, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 29½M/H.
Mixes best with: As the figures I currently have are fantasy (well, what Zombies aren't?), I can safely say that they will match just about every range of Chinese or Victorian-era Europeans there is.
Long Review: The clothing, armour and weapons reflect the appearance of the Terracotta Army very well, as do the poses. The bonus (for me, anyway), is the fact that the figures are in fairly staid, slow poses, and standing on pedestals as per the original figures.
Probably the pick of the collection in my eyes is the figure that is broken in two, although every one is worth looking at, as each is distinctly individual.
Commentary: Brilliant figures for anyone wanting a Chinese feel to a zombie army, as well as for statues or pulp/ Victorian sci-fi. There is, due to the terracotta nature of the figures, very little visible flash, and what there is, is acceptable as part of the figures anyway.
Historical Accuracy: Five As they are based on the terracotta army, they actually look correct when compared to the photos I've got of the real figures.
Pose Quality: Four Good.
Sculpting: Five Very well-designed figures. Most of the mould-lines fall in natural creases where they won't be visible.
Casting: Four Based on the samples I have, the casting is pretty decent. There are very few bits of metal to be cleaned off, and the mould lines are well-hidden.
Sources: One pack won in the JJD caption contest, two purchased.
Sculptors: John Jenkins.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Orcs, as delivered, group

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