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Battlesystem, as delivered
As Delivered

Long Review: Battlesystem is an AD&D expansion rules for large-scale battles with miniatures. Obviously any serious roleplayer will eventually be in a position to command armies, and this was the system we used. First Edition Battlesystem was a boxed set, and contained a 32-page rule book, a 24-page scenario book, a 16-page Guide to Miniatures, 2 Player Aid Cards, 2 Metal miniature generals, 3-D Adventure Fold-Up Figures, Army Roster Sheets, and 801 die-cut counters. It incorporated rules for large-scale wars, as well as additional rules for miniatures use.
Second Edition Battlesystem, a 128-page soft-cover manual, incorporated a lot of changes, which we found cumbersome and so it never took hold in our group (although I have the book!).
The expansion BattleSystem: Skirmishes was designed for smaller-scale combat, where each miniature represents a single unit, but because AD&D already covered this area, we didn't even bother trying it.

Period:       Fantasy.
Scale:        Best for 28mm, but can be used for 15mm with minor modification.
Basing:      Individual.
Contents:   Paperback booklet (A4).
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Purchased for own use.
Designers: TSR
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Battlesystem, as delivered
Battlesystem 1st Edition

Battlesystem, as delivered
Battlesystem 2nd Edition

Battlesystem, as delivered
Battlesystem: Skirmish System

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