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Columbia Games


Battlelust Rules
As Delivered

Long Review: This is a mass-battle supplement for the Harnmaster role-playing game. The world of Harn is approximately parallel to our 11th century, so is absolutely perfect for historical gaming the dark ages or early medieval period. This set of rules has developed the other way from TSR's Chainmail- it is a development of an RPG into a table-top game. The units tend to be very evenly-sized, and it is a fun, fairly simple game. The magic factor is also extremely low and does not intrude.
The rules are a simple, yet gritty representation of warfare in the dark ages, which is the technological level of the world setting. There is a section detailing the make-up of the armies suggested, and they can, with very little effort, be made to represent any of the dark ages armies.

Period:       Fantasy with a late dark ages feel and theme.
Scale:        Best for 28mm, but can be used for 15mm with minor modification.
Basing:      Individual.
Contents:   Magazine-style 64-page softcover book, large fold-out map, 2 plastic 10-pocket wallets for army roster cards, 2 quick-reference sheets, 10 pages of army roster sheets.
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Purchased for own collection.
Designers: N Robin Crossby, Tom Dalgliesh, Eric Hotz.
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