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Bouldings Mouldings

United Kingdom

Floor Sections, as delivered
As delivered

Cost: $9.50 unpainted, $23.50 painted.
Stated Scale: 20mm/25mm.
Mixes best with: Generic.
Long Review: Until recently I'd never heard of Bouldings Mouldings. As a result of a missed attempt at entering a competition advertised on the website I received these samples. Unfortunately I missed chatting with Dave, but I was surprised at the size of the box I was given. It appears that one can purchase the terrain from Bouldings Mouldings either as unpainted or as painted; the painted versions being double the price of the unpainted. The samples reviewed are all part of the 28mm dungeon range, and are representative of the variety available.
The second "set" is the range of floor tiles. Each piece has a roughly cobbled surface, suitable for a dungeon floor, or a castle courtyard. The items received consist of DN01b, DN02b and DN03b. These items consist of small squares, rectangles made of two small squares, and large squares made of four small squares. the "b" packs contain five pieces of the relevant size. Also included was DN04 (single large rectangle made of 6 DN01) and DN04p (a painted version of DN04). The paintjob is pretty basic, a dark grey base coat with a sandy dry-brush over the top to bring out the texture.
Commentary: The castings are made of a light-coloured plaster-like substance which many people call resin. The material takes paint better than some of the more "resinous" ones, although the down side is that the material is slightly more fragile.
Looking at the website and the printed catalogues I was given, I can only say that I'm impressed by the variety of items on offer in a variety of scales. Most of the offerings are more suited to role-playing gamers or gamers using skirmish rules such as Mordheim or Necromunda. The remainder of the range contains some more fantasy buildings.
Considering the price of the items and the quality of the finish, I'd give the range a very high rating. Some of the items have a rather rough finish, particularly the walls on DN31, which show some problems with the actual mould. I certainly must say that I'm looking forward to more of the items shown on the website, and will probably be placing an order for more bits in the future.
Historical Accuracy: Four Good.
Scale: Four
Sculpting: Four Good.
Casting: Four Good.
Sources: Donated for review purposes.
Sculptors: David Boulding.
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