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Figures in Comfort

United Kingdom

'Mini' Case, closed and ready to go
As Delivered

'Mini' Case, open showing contents
Open, showing contents

Cost: £37.00.
For use with: Any scale.
Long Review: I've looked at the adverts for carrying cases for figures several times in the past (always on the web, never in person), but have never seriously considered buying one. While walking around SELWG this year, though, I noticed several people carrying bags. As Figures in Comfort had a stand, I popped by there and had a chat with the owner.
He looked into the prospect of manufacturing these cases "because no-one else made a good quality product at a reasonable price". His inquiries led to a few bags being made in China, but quality issues led to a decision to manufacture the bags in the UK. Judging by the bag I have, it was a good decision- I've carried the bag about as much as I would if I needed to transport the figures to and from a club-house twice a week since SELWG, and can honestly say that the bag still looks as good as the day I collected it from FiC. The foam also seems to be holding up under the rigours of inserting and removing the figures from their "holes", so I'm quite happy with what I've seen to date.
The bags come in several depths, designed to allow a degree of flexibility in choosing which of the standard foam inserts to use.
The case I have is the "Mini", and it can hold four "slots" of foam inserts. Mine has two normal trays and a double (to take some vehicles). The small trays can take 36 figures each, and the double is customisable- all the internal foam has been cut in order to allow it to be torn out to the desired shape and specification.
The case also has an outside flap suitable for holding a rulebook. There's also a clear plastic sleeve on this> All the fastenings are velcro strips, and the shoulderstrap is adjustable from almost just a handle to 1.4m long.
The price is also very reasonable, considering the degree of protection afforded to the contents.
Commentary: Nice, useful (and, so far) safe transport for the figures I need to carry.
Dimensions: Four Width-wise it scales out at 1:60, length-wise at 1:57, which I'd say is reasonable. The look is right.
Sources: Purchased for personal use.
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