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Vendel Miniatures

United Kingdom

Mastiff, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: Doesn't apply.
Mixes best with: Pretty much any range, as large dogs are large dogs.
Long Review: This was my first Vendel purchase, although I know Colin and Duncan's work from their days as Gripping Beast. Unfortunately the items Vendel produce are not really my interest but the standard of sculpting is still of a standard many should aspire to. The three bags I got are more of a scene-filler for me- I'm one of those sad gits who always adds extra figures around the outside of a game to add interest, and who can deny that a pack of dogs add interest?
Anyway, to the review. The figures consist of three bags of mastiffs, part of the Vendel Border Reiver range.
MASTIFF 1 contains of five beautifully sculpted dogs, from one on his back paws rearing at a hapless victim's neck to three moving forwards purposefully and the fifth standing, looking to his left.
MASTIFF 2 contains the same five dogs, with small tweaks. What makes this pack very different, however, is the fact that each one has a collar.
MASTIFF 3 contains only two dogs- both with collars. The first is sitting up attentively, looking at something to his left. The other is lying down, head resting on crossed paws.
Well- the dogs really look the part, and are correctly proportioned for the scale (28mm). They will also happily work as wardogs for any rule set that requires them (Mordheim springs to mind, as do armies of the Central American conflicts around the time of Pizarro...)
Commentary: At an average of £1.25 each, they are certainly not cheap, but I think the quality of the sculpting certainly goes a long way to justifying the price.
Historical Accuracy: Five The overall look is pretty good, and it compares favourably with pictures of mastiffs I've seen (I had a look at several web-sites on these dogs when I got them).
Pose Quality: Five A decent selection of poses, with the two from MASTIFF 3 being my favourites- a lot less active than their "hunting" brethren.
Sculpting: Four Clean, useful sculpts. The bases are also pretty small, so don't dominate the figures.
Casting: Four Based on the samples I have (all three packs), the casting is pretty decent. There are very few bits of metal to be cleaned off, and the mould lines are quite understated.
Sources: Items purchased for own collection.
Sculptors: The Pattens
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Mastiff, as delivered, group

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