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Artizan Designs

United Kingdom

Dead Cow, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: Doesn't apply.
Mixes best with: Pretty much any range, as cows are cows.
Long Review: I got these as a curiosity, but also because dead cows feature so prominently in pictures of NW Europe in the period immediately after D-Day. I'm certainly happy with these, although I hope that more poses are forthcoming, as having too many of the same "dead cow" poses could become a little boring. That said, on to the review.
The cow is very well-sculpted, with neat, smooth lines and well-defined musculature. There is no base, as the cow's right side is flat (this is the side it's lying on), and the legs are sticking out stiffly to the side. The udder is also bloated, as it should be.
I've been asked to point out that these cows are not commercially available, and that any enquiries should not be directed at North Star (who currently handle Atizan's sales).
Commentary: At an average of £1.00 each, they are about market average.
Historical Accuracy: Five The overall look is pretty good, and it compares favourably with pictures of the Normandy cows I've seen.
Pose Quality: Four There is unfortunately only one (good) pose. I would also have preferred a more "legs up" pose, or even a few variants (maybe lying on the other side?), but this is still a good compromise.
Sculpting: Four It is cleanly sculpted, and looks like a cow.
Casting: Four Based on the samples I have (all five of them), the casting is pretty decent. One cow does have a band of discoloured metal in it- maybe some of the surface metal? There are a few bits of metal to be cleaned off (particularly on the hooves and a nostril), but this is less than I've seen on some figures.
Sources: Items purchased for own collection.
Sculptors: Mike Owen
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Dead Cows, top and bottom views

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