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United Kingdom

Battlegames 001
As Delivered

Long Review: Initial impressions are very good. The quality of the paper is nice, about equal to that of Miniature Wargames. Each page printed on a white background in two columns, which makes it easy to read, unlike some magazines that print over dark photos with dark fonts.
The layout is a very traditional- the articles contain a lot of words, with clear photos or illustrations, which appear to have been taken specifically for that article, as opposed to being either stock photos or "I've got a nice picture, lets add some words to make an article". They are a mixture of black-and-white and colour, and of good quality, showing more than just the nice figures on someone's studio backdrop.
The articles themselves are a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 page spreads. Many of the articles are retrospectives, examining the history of wargaming, books and figures, although there are a fair few articles that are more use in a practical sense- a CS Grant scenario and the Battle of Maldon scenario spring to mind.
I also compared the magazine with its immediate competitiors in the UK. I'd say it sits between WI and MW (a good thing- a wargames magazine is not just about looks, it needs to have good articles too), combining the best of the two with none of the drawbacks of either so far.
Am I happy with my "sight unseen" subscription? Definitely yes. If Henry can keep this level up, it's worth every penny.
The list of articles is:
   Seven Years' War 250th Anniversary- by Bill Protz (USA)
   Wargaming: How It All Began- by Don Featherstone (UK)
   Marathon 490BC- by Harry Pearson (UK)
   Quick Play Greeks v Persians Rules- by Harry Pearson (UK)
   A Beginner's Guide to Blogging- by Greg Horne (Australia)
   Table Top Teaser: Pontoon- C S Grant (UK)
   The Wars of the Faltenian Succession- Henry Hyde (UK)
   Everything Old is New Again- Ross Macfarlane (Canada)
   Message in a Battle- Phil Olley (UK)
   Competition- Win yourself a JU52
   The Battle of Maldon AD991- Dan Mersey (UK)
   To Boldly Go- Guy Hancock (UK)
   Liebenau 1757- Jim Purky (Der Alte Fritz) (USA)
   Fog of War- Bob Barnetson (Canada)
   Brisk Lads and By No Means Gummy (with Fast-Play Horse & Musket Rules)- Alistair Birch (UK)
   The Charter Subscribers- A special 'thank you' from the Editor
   Forward Observer- Mike Siggins (UK)
   Recce- Mike Siggins, Lee Hyde, Henry Hyde (all UK)

Contents:64-page magazine, although the page-count is sure to increase.
Sources: Charter subscriber- I subscribed before even seeing a single printed word.
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