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Warhammer Historical

United Kingdom

Armies of Antiquity Supplement
As Delivered

Long Review: Of course, in true GW style, the rules are not really the only product available, and quite a few supplements have been released. The first, Armies of Antiquity (AoA), was a stop-gap measure to allow tournament players to participate in a game without having to worry about fairness and balanced armies. The army lists in Aoa cover Sumerians, Egyptians, Hittites, Trojan Wars, Assyrians, Persians, Ancient Greeks, Alexander & His Successors, Ancient Indians, Republican Romans, Carthaginians, Late Imperial Romans, Cataphract armies, Byzantines, The Nomad Hordes, The Saracens, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Crusaders, Chinese, and Samurai. There are also a few tribal variations on the generic Barbarian list in the WAB handbook, as well as a few additional rules which have in the meantime become standard additions. The lists were written by members of the famous WABlist in the Yahoo groups.
Personally,I think that AoA is probably the best WAB supplement to date. Unfortunately the sometimes brilliant army lists in this book have been superseded by the newer supplements. Of course, tournament organisers are free to allow either, but the official stand is that the lists in AoA are suppplanted by the lists in any subsequently released supplement.

Period:       Ancients up to about 1485AD.
Scale:        28mm, but can be used for 15mm with modifications.
Basing:      Single figures.
Contents:   Perfect-bound A4 book.
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Won in FALCON (First Army List Contest On Line).
Designer: Games Workshop staff.
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