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Wargames Research Group

United Kingdom

WRG 7th Edition
As Delivered

Long Review: This is the current and probably final edition of a set of rules which has been the standard for ancient period miniatures. While they break down as a simulation in some areas, especially when used for battles between non-historical opponents, they do give believable results in many historical match ups. Due to the length of the rules and the poor organization and style, there are many ambiguities and potential areas for argument. This aspect of the rules can be a major problem especially in tournament play.
7th edition is rather difficult to pick up and learn just from the rules book, and it is definitely worthwhile finding an experienced player to teach you. The rules include a fairly complex command system using orders, and restrictions on command control.
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Purchased for own use.
Designer: Phil Barker.
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