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Wargames Research Group

United Kingdom

WRG 6th Edition
As Delivered

Long Review: This set, printed in 1980, covered the period 3000BC to 1485AD. Like its earlier relatives, the rules are based on a single figure combat system, simultaneous movement and a massive morale table. The rules also required army lists, and there are 3 army list books, which are increasingly hard to find. They are still regarded as some of the best information for drawing up an army out there. The rules also include small sections on sieges, shipboard fighting and fantasy.
Each individual figure is described by its classification in four categories; training, morale class, troop type and weapons. The points value of each figure is then calculated from these classifications. Shooting is heavily emphasized, not only actually causing casualties but also lowering the targets melee capability and morale result. Overall this resulted in a style of play where armies tended to a large number of small units, to gain the maximum morale bonus whilst charging, and missile troops to 'shoot in' their own sides charges. Optional rules covered fatigue, weather and time of day.
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Purchased for own use.
Designer: Phil Barker.
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