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Four Horsemen Enterprises


Battlestandard Ancients Rules
As Delivered

Long Review: Warrior is the latest version of the venerable WRG rules, and has been called "8th Edition" by some. It is apparently not. Visually it certainly differs, in that it is now much more clearly laid out and indexed, based on input from a large e-group that was set up.
The result is a game that preserves elements of traditional ancients play while offering tactical challenges like no other. An added bonus in the rules is FAST WARRIOR, a version of the basic game with some elements eliminated in order to speed up play. Fast Warrior has the corresponding 276 armies as are found in the army list booklets, only this time they consist of just one command of approximately 700-800 points in strength. A game can apparently be played in about 1.5 hours and the dynamic between armies is significantly different that what one is used to using all of Warrior. Fast Warrior is basically to Warrior what DBA was to WRG6th/ 7th.

Period:       Ancients up to about 1485AD.
Scale:        Mainly 15mm, although 28mm is also catered for.
Basing:      Elements (multi-figure bases) of 2-4 figures each, some possibly 6-8 figures?
Contents:   A5-sized soft-cover booklet, each set of separate army lists similar in size but not thickness.
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Purchased for own use.
Designer: Four Horsemen Enterprises (derived from Phil Barker).
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