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Renegade Miniatures

United Kingdom

Celtic archer, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 29M
Mixes best with: I'd say that they should match Black Tree Designs, Newline and Gripping Beast quite well.
Long Review: This range is another fine addition to the many Punic Wars ranges available. The main protagonists are well-covered, and the figures supplied are quite varied.
The Celtic archer and musician I have are both trousered with seriously spiked hair. The trousers show nice creases, and the musculature of the chests is well-done, although a little heavy on the archer.
Both the Romans I have are standing with their right arm raised, ready to throw a pilum or spear. The sandals on both figures and the chainmail on the legionary are extremely fine, and should take paint easily. Possibly the only negative comment I have is that the shields are very thick and heavy, and the scutum has some mould lines on the front surface that might be a problem.
The figures are of the usual Renegade standard- minimal flash and mould-lines, neatly animated and with very expressive faces.
Commentary: Although I haven't any other figures at hand to compare to these, they certainly match my recollections of many other period figures I have painted.
"Historical" Accuracy: Four The overall look compares favourably with the historical references I've seen, although the over-sized weapons do detract somewhat.
Pose Quality: Four The poses are fairly idealised, but this is OK, as the period represented is fairly heroic.
Sculpting: Four Average.
Casting: Four Average. There are some very slight seams on most of the figures.
Sources: Review sample sent by Eliot at Renegade Miniatures, some donated by friends.
Sculptors: Unknown
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Ancient figures group, as delivered

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