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Bend Sinister Miniatures

United Kingdom

Confused General, as delivered
As Delivered

Confused General, painted
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 26M
Mixes best with: Still working on that, although he should fit with most of the Greek figures of the period.
Long Review: I saw the figure on one of my many forays to a DBA website, and, as he was made to look like the figure on the cover of the DBA rules, I just had to buy him. I contacted Simon, placed my order and collected him at a show we both attended.
Well, I wasn't disappointed. He's one of Paul Hicks' first figure sculpts I'm aware of. The pose and equipment needs no description- anyone who's ever looked at the cover of the rules knows exactly what they're getting. Paul's captured the look of the "Confused General" perfectly, and the fine detail on the figure is incredible. He's trying to roll up (or unroll, depending on your point of view, I guess), the scroll on which his army list is written. The figure is easily cleaned and has very few mould lines, most being hidden in the natural folds and such, a feature that Paul is getting better and better at.
Commentary: At £2.00 he is priced way above average, but as you'd only buy one general for an army, quite reasonable.
"Historical" Accuracy: Five Given that the figure is based on a drawing, and is more representative than historical.
That aside, he is a pretty fair representation of an early Greek general. The five here is because of the closeness to the original drawing, which counts as "historical" reference.
Pose Quality: Four As the figure is based on a drawing, pose is not really an option, but the figure corresponds with the drawing pretty well.
Sculpting: Four Average. It is clear that this is one of Paul's early sculpts. It shows some rough areas, but is perfectly presentable.
Casting: Four Not bad. There are one or two seams, but nothing excessive.
Sources: Figure purchased for own collection.
Sculptors: Paul Hicks
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