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Irregular Miniatures

United Kingdom

Republican Roman, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 27½M
Mixes best with: Still working on that, although the remodelled ones are definitely compatible with many of the other "newer" ranges.
Long Review: When Ian asked if I'd like to review a few more of his figures, I jumped at the chance, as my previous experience of Irregular Miniatures ranges are restricted to 15mm and 10mm (obviously not counting the WW1 range elsewhere on this site).
The Romans are one of the newly remodelled ranges, these being somewhat larger than the older ranges apparently, and they are also much better-looking than the figures I've seen from the older range. Ian's also gone to a lot of trouble to make the detail on these figures a lot more compatible with all the other ranges out there. I believe they will match most of them quite well.
The five figures I've received are:
IP39- Roman auxiliary LHI with javelin, wearing chainmail, helmet and cloak, protected by an oval shield;
IP41- Legionary standing with parallel edged shield in lorica segmentata, armed with a pilumand wearing a cloak
IP45- Praetorian standing looks like a parade-ground version of IP41.
IP46-Centurion with vine stick is a touch smaller than the others in this range, but is every (scale) inch the authority figure, staff in his left hand, the right grasping the edge of his cloak.
IP47(b)- Signifer is carrying his manipular standard, wearing the animalskin cloak associated with his station and carrying a small shield and chainmail for protection.
Commentary: At an average of £0.60 each, they are well below market average in cost, but about market average in terms of usefulness. They are ideal for a gamer on a budget, or for someone filling out a large army with figures to get each one unique.
Historical Accuracy: FourNot bad, maybe a little mixed interms of strict accuracy, but the overall look is OK. I'd say above average in overall look.
Pose Quality: FourIf these are similar to all the other Irregular offerings, they will provide a nice bunch of individuals within each code.
Sculpting: FourAverage. Some of the figures are a tad rough, especially the faces, but at the price I think we can easily live with that. I do find that they have a special character all of their own.
Casting: FourAverage. One of these figures (IP41) had a bit of misalignment of the mould around the head, and there is a little flash here and there on some of the others.
Sources: Samples donated by Ian Kay.
Sculptors: Ian Kay.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Top left, IP39, top right IP46
Bottom left IP47, bottom middle IP45, bottom right IP41

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