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Irregular Miniatures

United Kingdom

Modern Insurgent, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 26M
Mixes best with: Still working on that, although they should be easily compatible with many of the other ranges (particularly the Mongrel Minis ranges).
Long Review: Any new modern figures are a welcome addition to the available ranges out there, and Ian's insurgents are particularly useful, as no-one I'm aware of does anything similar. Insurgents (i.e. non-uniformed armed persons0) are a central part of most conflicts these days, and these figures look the part. Due to the way the clothing (and hair) is portrayed, they will work for areas of the Middle East,Vietnam, Africa and Central/South America. I received seven of the ten currently available figures.
MOD1 Insurgent firing pistol - this gent is firing a (generic) pistol backwards. He is dressed i n casual trousers and an open-necked shirt. He is one of the larger figures in this collection. There is a slight mould misalignment around the head, but nothing a bit of filing won't cure.
MOD3 Insurgent walking with AK-47 is also wearing casual trousers and has a completely unbuttoned shirt. He also has a similar mould misalignment around the head, and his AK-47 muzzle is a little short and the remainder is delicate.
MOD4 Insurgent running with AK-47 is wearing a loose T-shirt, and has the AK pointing at the grouns while jogging forward in a slightly hunched posture.
MOD7 Insurgent running with RPG and MOD8 Insurgent firing RPG are also wearing T-shirts, and carry the terrorist's "other" favourite weapon- the RPG. Both poses are convincing.
All of these men are bare-foot, which (to my mind, at least) eliminates them from use in Europe, but the hair is done in a neutral way so they can work for all the above suggested locales.
MOD9 Insurgent woman standing with AK-47 is wearing long dress, and has her (straight) hair down, so I'd say she should work for the Far East, the Middle East or Central/Latin America. She is, like the men, barefoot.
MOD10 Insurgent child firing AK-47 is a great "child soldier" as seen in the conflicts in Africa (think Blood Diamond), or similar roles in Central America or the Far East. Ian's captured the look perfectly, with the undersized kid holding the too-large AK, firing from the hip. He's the only one to have defined pockets on the trousers (almost recognisably denims) and sneakers.
Commentary: At an average of £0.60 each, they are well below market average in cost, but above market average in terms of usefulness. They are ideal for a gamer on a budget and the unusual nature of their subject means they are must-have for most modern gamers. Irregular's usual habit of having several variant of each figure are particularly well suited to this period and subject matter, where uniformity is far from assured.
Historical Accuracy: FourNot bad, maybe a little mixed interms of strict accuracy, but the overall look is OK. I'd say above average in overall look. The AK-47 does appear a little odd, mainly because the barrel is too short, but, that aside, they are very serviceable.
Pose Quality: FourIf these are similar to all the other Irregular offerings, they will provide a nice bunch of individuals within each code.
Sculpting: FourAverage. Some of the figures are a tad rough, especially the faces, but at the price I think we can easily live with that. I do find that they have a special character all of their own.
Casting: FourAverage. There is a little flash here and there on some of the figures, but at the price, there is nothing to complain about.
Sources: Samples donated by Ian Kay.
Sculptors: Ian Kay.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Top left to right, MOD10, MOD1, MOD8
Bottom left to right MOD4, MOD9, MOD3, MOD7

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