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Panzerwrecks 1 book
As Delivered

Long Review: This initial book of wrecked vehicles of the German forces in WW2 features 13 pictures of the modified Panthers of I./Pz.Rgt.26, 7 photos of Jagdtiger 323 of 3.Kp/s.Pz.Jg.Abt.653, 10 photos of the Panzer IV/70(A) in addition to an incredible selection of pictures including the production version of the Flakpanzer Ostwind, Panther tanks with steel wheels on some stations, the Panther II, a number of halftracks, several Beutepanzer (captured tanks used by the Wehrmacht), Flakpanzer and a few other vehicles.
The actual photos are all very clear, and all show some good details of the specific vehicles they depict. Every picture is useful in some way, and many of the pictures are part of a series, thus showing the vehicles from different angles. This means that we get to see individual vehicles in extreme detail- a luxury we are seldom afforded.
Lee also kindly sent me some sample pages, embossed with the Panzerwrecks logo, so I could show the quality of the actual books (these are taken from the pdf file that the book is printed from, apparently).
These books (I own several volumes) are probably one of the best purchases you can make if you're into Axis armour, particularly late-war kit, as the pictures really do speak a thousand words. I'm pretty sure that modellers reading these books and studying the pictures will be inspired to recreate the scenes in miniature, as the varied pictures show the same vehicle from a number of different angles, allowing the maximum accuracy.
Historical Accuracy: Six Excellent.
Sources: Purchased for personal collection.
Author: Lee Archer & Bill Auerbach.
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Assorted additional images of the content

Panzerwrecks 1, P11
Panzerwrecks 1, P11

Panzerwrecks 2, P17
Panzerwrecks 1, P17

Panzerwrecks 2, P31
Panzerwrecks 1, P31

Panzerwrecks 2, P60
Panzerwrecks 1, P60

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