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West Wind Productions

United Kingdom

M4A3 Sherman, as delivered
As Delivered

M4A3 Sherman, painted

Cost: £18.00.
Stated Scale: 1:60th.
Mixes best with: Several of the ranges out there...
Long Review: The subject of this review is the M4A3 Sherman 75mm Dry Stowage. The hull is made of a cream-coloured resin, and captures the look of armour-plate perfectly. There are remarkably few bubbles on the visible upper surfaces, although there are quite a lot underneath. A big plus is that the undersurface mould-plug has already been machined off, which means it requires minimal work to clean up prior to assembly. The track-assemblies and turret, as well as a number of little bits like the MGs and mantlet, are cast in white metal. Also included in this is a commander (half-body) holding one half of the hatch.
Commentary: Very nice, although I'd have preferred 1:56th. I think that, as long as one buys all the same vehicle from one manufacturer, mixing 1:56th and 1:60th will allow a greater flexibility.
Historical Accuracy: Four Good.
Scale: Five Width-wise it scales out at 1:60, length at 1:59, which I'd say are pretty close to spot on.
Sculpting: Four Good.
Casting: Four Good.
Sources: Sent by Wendy of WWP as a review sample.
Sculptors: Andy Rawlings.
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Assorted additional images of the vehicle

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