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Easy Eight Enterprises


German Fallschirmjäger, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 27½M.
Mixes best with: Warmacre.
Long Review: Hmmm. Where to start? The five US Airborne figures in this pack are very nice indeed. A little rough around the edges, but very usable. The detail is well-defined, with very few mould seams or flash. Four of the five have M1 carbines and one is armed with a Tommy-gun. All are wearing their helmets (with camo netting and scrim), and the carbine-armed guys have back-packs. I find the webbing and to be well-defined, as are the helmet straps.
The poses are very well-thought-out and animated. The figures capture the look of Airborne well indeed, and the only negative criticism I can level is that the Tommy-gunner's left arm is severely foreshortened.
Commentary: These were the first figures I'm aware of that James Bland (now at Victory Force Miniatures) produced. The sculpting style shows that they are earlier, but that in no way detracts from the likeability factor. The anatomy and poses are nice (although every figure in the sample pack is screaming!), and the creases of the clothing lie very naturally.
Having reviewed James Bland's Victory Force figures on their own page, these come as a rather nice surprise. I find that they blend in much more with the UK definition of 28mm.
Historical Accuracy: Four Average.
Pose Quality: Four Good.
Sculpting: Four Average.
Casting: Four Average.
Sources: Sample pack donated by Bryan Shein of PSG.
Sculptors: Jim Bland
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