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Chieftain Models

United Kingdom

Marmon-Harrington Mk III a, as delivered
As Delivered

Cost: £14.00.
Stated Scale: 1:56th.
Mixes best with: Several of the ranges out there..., but made in conjunction with Artizan (crews by Arizan)
Long Review: The Mark IIIa was very similar to the Mark II in appearance. However, it had a shorter wheel base (117 inches instead of 134 inches). Armament was the same as the Mark II on Middle East service. A total of 2,630 were produced with deliveries from May 1941 through August 1942. The Mark IIIa turret was also converted to carry the Italian Breda 20mm. Some were used by the DAK after capture, as they were reasonably sound in design. The Mark IIIa was also supplied to Free French Forces operating with the British. Talk about a real multi-purpose vehicle!
This little gem is (as is the Chieftain style), an all-metal kit of a standard armoured car in the desert war. The parts all fit together extremely well, some even being almost friction-fit. The degree of craftsmanship is evident in every part, from the hull to the smallest detail fitting. The sheer number of small extras can appear somewhat overwhelming when first looking at the kit, but the way the kit is broken down actually makes a lot of sense, as it allows a lot of customisation, which is so very typical of the way vehicles were used in the desert. The bits include the sand channels, stowage and weapons, and even two half-figure commanders- one Allied, one German.
There are no instructions included in the kit, but they are available for download from the Chieftain Models website. They take the form of what appears to be about a page of clear drawings and instructions.
Commentary: This is another cracker by Chieftain, part of the rapidly-expanding desert war range.
Historical Accuracy: Five Very Good.
Scale: Four
Sculpting: Five Very Good.
Casting: Five Very Good.
Sources: Part-Purchased for own collection.
Sculptors: Ian Crouch.
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