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Company B

US of A

LVT-4, as delivered
As Delivered

Cost: ?
Stated Scale: 1:56th.
Mixes best with: Several of the ranges out there...
Long Review: The Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) was an amphibious vehicle used by the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Army and British forces during World War II. It was widely known as amphtrack, amtrak, amtrac etc., from the contraction of amphibious tractor.
The Company B kit comes as a HUGE chunk of finely-detailed resin. Besides the hull, there is a rear ramp/door, which can be made to open and close by using the small resin hinge. The weapons and a few of the parts are all white metal.
Commentary: Unfortunately I'm not that familiar with this vehicle. I will, however, say that the vehicle measures up to the plans and photos I've seen quite well, and, as it made up a significant portion of the various Allied nations' amphibious forces, a must-have.
Historical Accuracy: Four Good.
Scale: Four Width-wise it scales out at 1:53, length-wise at 1:57.
Sculpting: Four Good.
Casting: Four Good.
Sources: Exchanged for other vehicles to get review samples.
Sculptors: Brent Dietrich. Suspension and tires machined out of brass to match Brent's plastic master by Robert Morey.
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Assorted additional images of the vehicle

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