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1st Corps

United Kingdom

German Fallschirmjäger, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 25½M
Mixes best with: Crusader, Force of Arms, Outpost Wargame Services, Steve Barber Models, Wargames Foundry and West Wind Productions.
Long Review: I bought two groups of figures from this range (the price I got was so good)- Fallschirmjäger and British Paratroops- to fill gaps in my collection.
While these figures are cheap and cheerful, the standard of sculpting shows the apparent age of the figures. The style, while reasonably clean, is a little off anatomically. Some of the Fallschirmjägerfigures appear a little distorted, with a few sporting short legs, and the heads on some figures appear a little small. I've also noticed that some figures have small areas that are not as cleanly sculpted as others- the surface has an almost melted look to it.
Commentary: I would place these towards the bottom of my personal list of favourites, because the style of sculpting is very rough, more suited to the 80's than the present.
Historical Accuracy: Four Not bad, maybe a little mixed interms of strict accuracy, but the overall look is OK.
Pose Quality: Four Average.
Sculpting: Four Average. There is a mix of neat and soft sculpting- almost as if the masters had been exposed to high heat.
Casting: Four Not bad. The metal is a lot harder than many others I've worked with, so it takes a fair amount of effort to clean the sometimes abundant mould lines and occasional sprues.
Sources: I sent off a request for samples, and received 1 sample figure. While waiting for the delivery, I saw a sale on end-of-stock clearance by an alternate trader. I then purchased several packs from this alternate trader before the arrival of the sample figure.
Sculptors: Unknown.
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Assorted additional images of the figures


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