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Company B

US of A

Kübelwagen, as delivered
As Delivered

Cost: ?
Stated Scale: 1:56th.
Mixes best with: Several of the ranges out there...
Long Review: The Kübelwagen was introduced after some tests during the Polish campaign, and is the Axis' signature light motor vehicle.
The Company B model comes two to a pack and consists of a resin body (extremely finely cast, with extremely thin sides and floor), and 20 metal pieces (the wheels, axles, exhausts, windscreen, lights, steering wheel and front seats). The folded down canopy is cast on the resin body. The strengthening ribs so visible on the body are all beautifully cast, and the doors could be opened with just a little gentle persuasion.
When I first opened the pack, I thought that the vehicle is too small, but after measuring it, I've realised that it is correct- it's just the fact that all the Kübels on the market to date are the too-large 1:48th or larger ones. Probably the only problem with the kit is that the shell may be just that little bit too thin (and who'd have thought that might be a problem?), as the one Kübel has some bubbles on the driver's door at the bottom. I've turned that into a feature by painting it as rust and battle damage.
Commentary: A stunning kit- and the first properly-scaled Kübel!
Historical Accuracy: Five Very Good.
Scale: Five Width-wise it scales out at 1:55, length-wise at 1:56.
Sculpting: Five Very Good.
Casting: Four Good.
Sources: Purchased for own collection.
Sculptors: Brent Dietrich. Suspension and tires machined out of brass to match Brent's plastic master by Robert Morey.
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Assorted additional images of the vehicle

Pro-painted images of the vehicle

Image courtesy of House-of-Queeg

Image courtesy of House-of-Queeg

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