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United Kingdom

SCW Nationalist, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 27L.
Mixes best with: Any of the older ranges.
Long Review: I received four sample figures- an American, a British rifleman and two Germans (a Panzergrenadier and a Wehrmacht figure) soon after requesting some samples.
The figures are fairly cleanly sculpted, but are showing their age now. They are fairly average in size, but are distinctly lighter of build than most of the figures we see now, which would (in my opinion), make them much more suitable for late war than mid or early war- they've gone hungry for a while. The weapons are nice and delicate, giving a much more in-scale size than some of the ranges I've seen. Probably the main dislike I have is that the mould lines are, in some areas, pretty prominent, although I suspect this is due to the age of the moulds. It is something that is, however, fairly easy to clean with a new scalpel blade and some files.
Commentary: Nice figures, and they will be useful for anyone wishing to make cheap, bulky units for use over a large part of the war.
Historical Accuracy: Four Good.
Pose Quality: Four Average
Sculpting: Five Average.
Casting: Four Average.
Sources: Samples sent on request by Stronghold.
Sculptors: By the sculptor who subsequently went onto sculpt the figures for Battle Honours.
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