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Baker Company

United Kingdom

Russian Rifleman, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 28M.
Mixes best with: Bolt Action Miniatures.
Long Review: I purchased these figures from Gary Grimes of Sheep's Grin at SELWG on an impulse. I was pleased with the packaging and variety, as well as the unusual subject, of the figures. The anatomy on some of them is a little questionable, though, with some limbs looking just a little too long or short. The higher pack-numbers, though, are better, with all aspects improving.
The Russians are in RA packs: RA01 and RA02 are riflemen firing and advancing, RA03 is a command pack (including a table and a seated officer), and RA04 is a group of SMG-armed troops.
All in all, these figures are very nice indeed, and are a good addition to any early war Soviet army.
The sculpting, though, is very clean and neat, and the poses are quite believable. There is a little flash and some light mould-lines on the figures, but nothing that would put me off buying more of these figures. The Soviets are also very nice in that they are early war figures, with a lot of pre-war equipment.
Commentary: The figures I have are from the start of the range, and the proportions and quality of the sculpting are improving with each new pack. Quite ironically I was watching "Framom Främsta Linjen", a subtitled Finnish movie about the Winter War and Continuation War when the postman knocked to deliver a big delivery of more of these figures- all the Russians and the remainder of the Finns. Having looked at the movie (made with many of the real persons portrayed in the movie present- apparently even a lot of the dialogue is accurate), the uniforms are very convincing.
So- Barry, any Finnish support planned?
Historical Accuracy: Four Good.
Pose Quality: Five Average.
Sculpting: Five Average.
Casting: Four Good.
Sources: Samples purchased at a wargames show, followed by a seperate order for the remainder of the range.
Sculptors: Barry Carter.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

RA01, as delivered
RA01 Firing riflemen

RA02, as delivered
RA02 Advancing riflemen

RA03 Command Pack

RA04 SMG troops

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