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Battle Honors

United Kingdom / USA

Punjabi, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 25L.
Mixes best with: Any of the smaller ranges- although the Punjabis here "should" be smaller than most of the British, I feel, so they won't look out of place with other Desert War troops...
Long Review: Hmmmm. Where to start? When I first opened the pack, the very first thing that went through my mind is something along the lines of OK, they're tiny and really rough, but once I started examining them, they really look like what they're supposed to be. They also have a fair amount of "hidden detail", most of which will only show up during painting.
The figures are true 25mm, which meant that they are tiny by all modern standards, but that doesn't mean they won't work with the newer figures. When I think of the Sikhs and Punjabis, for example, they always appear smaller than Westerners, so these will be a good match with the larger figures. The other thing is that these figures are an older range, and the moulds and sculpting are starting to show their age. The finish is rougher than what we are used to today, and there is a fair bit of flash and some vents, but it is easy to remove and clean up.
The four packs I have represent the entire range of Punjabis- a command pack, riflemen, some MG and AT rifle support as well as mortars. The command consists of a variety of officers and NCOs, while the riflemen are a mixture of rifle-armed soldiers (some with fitted bayonets, others without), one Bren-gunner and a Thompson gunner. The heavier weapons consist of a walking Boys rifle team, a prone firing Boys rifle team, and two firing tripod-mounted Vickers teams. The mortar pack consists of two mortar teams (two kneeling, one standing per team), the mortars, and an observing officer.
Commentary: Considering the age of the figures, I'm actually pleased with them. They may be rough, and a little "oddly proportioned", but they are really not bad. I suspect that, once painted, they will be really nice.
Historical Accuracy: Four Good.
Pose Quality: Four Average
Sculpting: Four Average.
Casting: Three Average.
Sources: Four packs of Punjabis purchased at discount price from a wargamer who no longer required them (Bill Weston).
Sculptors: Unknown at present.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

Punj-1 Command/ Staff Officers

Punj-2 Section Pack

Punj-3 Support Section (2x MMG & Boys A/T Rifle)

Punj-4 3" Mortars & Crew (2)

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