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Anglian Miniatures

United Kingdom

SCW Republican, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 28M
Mixes best with: Bolt Action Miniatures.
Long Review: The samples arrived packed in a padded envelope, wrapped in bubble-wrap, inside a stout cardboard sleeve. Included in the envelope was also a typed page with painting instructions and background of the International Brigade.
The four packs of of figures in this review are members of the International Brigade. Nine of the figures are armed with rifles, two of them with DP LMGs, three with handguns, and two are unarmed. They are wearing a mix of uniforms, headgear and footwear, and even a mixture of equipment. Probably my favourite two figures are from IB4- the officer with the book in his left hand, ranting at the troops, and the other one with his left arm up, urging the troops forward. The latter figure is in a pose that is associated with the Spanish Civil War.
This range highlights Paul Hicks' skills even more. I think that, beyond the comments regarding his skill and talent in the Bolt Action Miniatures ranges I don't need to say much.
Commentary: I have a slight bias because I'm fairly closely associated with BAM (one of Paul Hicks' other projects). That said, I find these figures to be excellent. The uniforms are thoroughly researched and correctly portrayed and each figure is individually sculpted, eliminating repetitive figures distinguished only by a different head or weapon.
Historical Accuracy: Five Very Good.
Pose Quality: Five Very Good.
Sculpting: Five Very Good.
Casting: Four Good.
Sources: Some review samples donated by Nigel Higgins, remainder purchased.
Sculptors: Paul Hicks.
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Assorted additional images of the figures

IB 1 International Brigade rifles advancing

IB 2 International Brigade firing

IB 3 International Brigade LMG teams

IB 4 International Brigade command advancing

IB 5 International Brigade HMG

IB 6 International Brigade NCOs

MIL 1 Militia advancing

MIL 2 Militia firing

MIL 3 Militia command

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