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Wiking-Divisioona Oy


Finnish M/36 Uniform reference book
As Delivered

Long Review: Initial impressions are very good. The book is printed on glossy paper, and is divided into several chapters, written in Finnish, each followed by a summary in English. Interspersed in the text are many excellent pictures, chosen from wartime Finnish sources. Each picture has a dual Finnish and English caption. The centre of the book has several pages of colour pictures- re-enactors dressed in authentic uniforms- showing a large selection of variations on the standard uniform.
The chapters detail the development of the uniform (it is distinctly influenced by the German uniform), the tunic, insignia and badges, the trousers, headgear, greatcoats, equipment, a section on officers' kit and two chapters on the unifom in use.
The book is a perfect starter for anyone interested in getting the Finnish gear right, be they a wargamer or a re-enactor. I will be expanding the review once I actually get a chance to read through it, but- based on the initial scan-through- I certainly won't hesitate in recommending it.
Historical Accuracy: Six Excellent.
Sources: Purchased via an acquaintance in Finland- thanks, Juha!
Author: Paul Darnell.
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