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Iron Ivan Games

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Angriff! Supplement
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Long Review: This expansion to the DHC7B system adds a few pages of potted history and background on the German armed forces in WW2. There are also several army lists for using Wehrmacht and SS units for varying later priods of the war (the early lists and very basic late-war lists are covered in the main rulebook). The bulk of the booklet, though, is made up of details of the various squads, vehicles and platoons available. Is it necessary? Maybe not, but it certainly makes life easier and more interesting as a German player.

Period:       WW2.
Scale:        28mm, but also works with 15-20mm.
Basing:      Vehicles and figures are based individually.
Contents:   67-page somewhat smaller than A-4 stapled book with black-and-white cover. Army list and basic history.
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Purchased for own use.
Designer: Keith Stine and Chalfant Conley.
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