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Disposable Heroes Rules
As Delivered

Long Review: Disposable Heroes and Coffin For Seven Brothers (DHC7B) is a WWII platoon-level skirmish game. Each model represents one soldier or vehicle. Soldiers are grouped together in sections and squads to make up a platoon (for an average-sized game), with a maximum of three support choices - artillery or armoured vehicles - permitted per platoon used.
The game rules are easy to learn (after the first couple of attempts at doing something in a game most people should be able to remember the basics) and attempt to limit the use of charts to a minimum. Most of the rules have an 'intuitive' feel to them, making the game flow smoothly and quickly. Correct use of troops and troop-types in the appropriate situation will usually reward the player with a historical result.
Units are activated alternately by player, each unit being allowed to move and shoot. Shooting ability is tied directly to distance moved.
The game is fast and furious and very bloody, and is extremely enjoyable as there is always something happening, so there are no long pauses where players can get distracted and lose interest.

Period:       WW2.
Scale:        28mm, but also works with 15-20mm.
Basing:      Vehicles and figures are based individually.
Contents:   55-page somewhat smaller than A-4 stapled book with colour cover. Army lists included.
Historical Accuracy: Average.
Sources: Purchased for own use.
Designer: Keith Stine and Chalfant Conley.
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