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Anglian Miniatures

United Kingdom

T-26 Model 1933 Riveted Hull, as delivered
As Delivered

Cost: £15.00.
Stated Scale: 1:56th.
Mixes best with: Several of the ranges out there...
Long Review: Anglian has chosen to cast this entire vehicle in white metal, which allows for a lot of detail to be incorporated. It also means that the vehicle ends up weighing a lot more than the resin counterparts I've seen in the past. The model comes with a lot of loose bits, including tools and toolboxes, as well as two loose hatches for the turret.
Commentary: This first attempt at an armoured vehicle is certainly a good one- it is useful for both sides in the Spanish Civil War, as well as for many other conflicts of the era as it (or a carbon-copy) was used by most armies of the period.
Historical Accuracy: Five Very Good.
Scale: Five Width-wise it scales out at 1:55, length at 1:56, which I'd say is pretty close to the stated scale.
Sculpting: Five Very Good.
Casting: Five Very Good.
Sources: Purchased for own collection.
Sculptors: Nigel Higgins.
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