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Copplestone Castings

United Kingdom

SCW Nationalist, as delivered
As Delivered

Barrett Scale: 30M.
Mixes best with: Any of the smaller ranges.
Long Review: The three sets I purchased consist of 1) four Russian officers, wearing a variety of dress-uniforms, all equipped with sabres and full Sam Brown belts; 2) four European advisors for inter-war non-European armies dressed in suitably military attire and 3) four pulp-era sleuths and a dog.
The Russian officers will be useful even into the beginning of WW2, as more rural or "traditional" officers. They are nicely sculpted, and sho the arrogant attitude of so many officers extremely well. The Advisors pack is, in my opinion, more suited to a Pulp game- as are the sleuths. The sleuths pack contains people who are very well-known: Tintin and Snowy, Nick Charles, Sam Spade and The Continental Op.
Commentary: I like these figures, but the fact that they are rather larger than most others means that they will have to be used as "Character" figures.
Historical Accuracy: Four Good.
Pose Quality: Four Good.
Sculpting: Five Good.
Casting: Four Good.
Sources: Purchased for own use.
Sculptors: Mark Copplestone.
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